Themes, Plugins, Services and Pros I love.

Many of the recommended WordPress friendly services and tools I list here are free for small operators so check them out to see if the offer is right for your needs. Other products or services are free to all for all time. Some links below are affiliate links which means I earn a very small commission if you choose to purchase when you follow the link. For more information on affiliate links please review my disclosure notice.

If a product or service is on this page I fully endorse it regardless of any small commission. This list represents years of hard won experience – testing many tools plugins and services, working with integrations, using help documentation and support systems provided and working with companies when something went wrong.

I seek out great documentation, friendly helpdesk folks, ease of use and great design when deciding on a tool. I also tend to be a penny pincher and look for real value for price.

Ithemes Plugins, Developer Kits and Training

iThemes tools are always part of my tool kit. IThemes as a company is easy to recommend without reservation. When I evaluate a company the first thing I look at is the responsiveness and friendliness of the people around the product or service. The iThemes suite of plugins and developer tools work well, they are well supported and the developers at IThemes keep their code fresh. Check them out!

Backup Buddy Logo Ithemes
Ithemes Security Pro - Recommendation
Ithemes Plugin Suite Recommendation
Ithemes Web Designers Toolkit Recommended

Managing Passwords

LastPass Logo

Go Premium LastPass

WordPress Friendly and Managed Hosting

I’ve been through a lot of hosting packages and companies. These are my top go to providers. My main criteria are: hosting flexibility, service responsiveness and the support staff.  Be aware that a shared hosting low cost plan may or may not be appropriate for your needs. Please consult with me if you have any questions before purchasing a plan.

Web Hosting

Project Management

I’ve gone through a few torrid relationships with project management tools. Because most of my clients are not primarily techies I tend to keep coming back to a few easy to use and reliable tools with ample training materials and great support behind them.


Tutorials, Videos and Education

This is a golden age of online education. You can learn all kinds of skills from where you are right now, at home in your pjs, on your lunch break at work – anywhere. With so much change coming so fast these sites are more helpful every day.

Social Media Tools, Plugins, Integrations and Dashboards

I look for ease of set-up and elegant design options in this category. My favorite plugin for adding in depth social media integration to your site is definitely MashShare. I love Hootesuite for running my social media campaigns for clients and for myself. Keep visiting for updated recommendations as I am always trying new things.