How To Create Images For the Web

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How to videos – creating, editing and optimizing images for the web

I often refer folks to trainings on YouTube as a quick way to get past a place where you’re stuck. It’s hard for a lot of non-technical clients to retain all the information they need to maintain and update their sites but, lucky for us everything you need to know is probably in a video tutorial somewhere.

These are the best tutorials on Youtube covering how to create images for beginners and folks who need a refresher.

This playlist covers:

  • When to use .png versus when to use .jpg.
  • What’s the difference between file size and file dimensions?
  • What is dpi?
  • What dpi should I use?
  • Free and paid image tools
  • and ton more….

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10 WordPress Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

10 WordPress Short Video Tutorials for the Absolute Beginner

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Getting Started with your Brand New WordPress Site.

When I hand off a site to a new client I always suggest their first stop on the internet by wpbeginner to sign up for a membership and follow them on social media. For fantastic straightforward How To videos on WordPress wpbeginner is the perfect place to start. I suggest all my new clients get an account there first thing. I also recommend the WPLearning Lab channel on YouTube for more advanced users and Udemy for basic free courses on WordPress.  The three last videos are on extending your WordPress powers by learning to use Hootsuite a free web tool to help you easily manage your social media accounts from one screen, understanding images on the web and Google Analytics to understand your impact over time. Going through these playlists will take a little more time but, you’ll be ready to level up soon!

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Top 10 skills you will need – short video tutorials.

So did you just get handed the keys to your fancy new WordPress website? Are you a little freaked out? NO IDEA where to start? Afraid you will break something? Here are the top 10 skills you will need to get going. Going through the first seven videos will take you about 15 minutes. The last two video links are longer playlists covering more information but, you don’t need those right away.

Do you need something outside of this list? If you have a current Maintenance Plan just submit a ticket. If you do not have a maintenance plan in place consider one! Having a maintenance plan is almost as good as having your own WordPress wiz on staff.  If you are a current maintenance client you might also be interested in the FAQ on the Help page of this site.

What is the difference between pages and posts?

How to add a new post and use all the new features in WordPress 4.4+

How to use the distraction free editor to help focus on your writing in WordPress

How to edit images in WordPress.

What is the difference betweenand tags for images?

How to moderate comments in WordPress.

How to change your password in WordPress

Video Playlist: Understanding image formats on the web: jpg, png, gif

Video Playlist: Mastering Hootsuite to Use Social Media Efficiently

Video Playlist: Google Analytics Basics and Advanced Tutorials

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