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Training for Google Apps Chrome Extention

How To Embed Training for Google Apps

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Onboarding Google Apps for Work Clients

Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Nonprofits rollouts can be very time consuming and overwhelming for a first time Google Apps Admin. How do you ensure that a whole team or business doesn’t grind to a halt as a large new tool kit is introduced to a group or business?

Google has provided a huge basket of support for Google Apps administrators but the item that I was most happy to find was a Chrome extension called Training for Google Apps by Synergyse (recently acquired by Google.) Training for Google Apps Chrome extension embeds how to documentation and videos directly in the Google Apps interface. If you are in Gmail – you have Gmail training at your fingertips. In Calendar you have Google Calendar Training at your fingertips and so on for each Google App you deploy. This extension has saved my bacon more than once. Training for Google Apps empowers you entire user base to self train and self serve the how tos as they require them inside the applications.

The installation for admins is not too horrible and the trimming down of your support calls is sweet relief to any service provider or Google Apps administrator.

To install Training for Google Apps on your domain – login to your admin panel for the domain and visit the Google Apps Marketplace and follow the instructions.

To ensure that your team has Chrome installed and the Tutorials for Google Apps installed watch this playlist.
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WordPress Basics Video Tutorials Playlist by

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These guys are wonderful and create a huge amount of really accessible content on how to use WordPress. The thing is there is so much super helpful digestible training that it’s hard to know where to begin. I refer all my clients there and ask them to sign up on the site. This is a WordPress Beginner Playlist from their Youtube Channel. The videos are not in any particular order so if you go to the playlist on youtube you can just take a look at the over 60 videos in the list to see what’s there – or click on the top left corner of the video player below to see the entire list of videos in the playlist and just watch the video that interest you. This playlist is updated regularly by wpbeginner.

Do yourself a big favor and follow the link above to subscribe to their site, follow them on social media and youtube.

How To Create Images For the Web

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How to videos – creating, editing and optimizing images for the web

I often refer folks to trainings on YouTube as a quick way to get past a place where you’re stuck. It’s hard for a lot of non-technical clients to retain all the information they need to maintain and update their sites but, lucky for us everything you need to know is probably in a video tutorial somewhere.

These are the best tutorials on Youtube covering how to create images for beginners and folks who need a refresher.

This playlist covers:

  • When to use .png versus when to use .jpg.
  • What’s the difference between file size and file dimensions?
  • What is dpi?
  • What dpi should I use?
  • Free and paid image tools
  • and ton more….

If you found this useful please consider checking out and signing up for TimeRepublik and gifting me some time!  Gifting time on a time sharing platform like TimeRepublik is a great way to “pay it forward.”  It’s free and you can probably find all kinds of help for your own projects!


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This tutorial is basic to intermediate – and assumes you already have a WordPress site using Visual Composer compatible theme and a live Etsy Shop with items available for purchase.

What is Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is a “page builder” plugin for WordPress which makes composing complex pages easier for non-developers and novices. Some WordPress sites have a page builder installed many don’t.

Use Page Templates in Visual Composer to Save Time

In this tutorial I am showing a client how to use a portfolio template I created for her website here: Ivy Wreden Art. Ivy needed a fast way to add a beautiful portfolio page to her site with a link to purchase each piece on her Etsy Shop – Ivy Wreden Art. None of the plugins available integrated well with her look and feel and so I created a portfolio template page for her.

This tutorial features:

The MODO Theme by Useful Pixels – my child theme with some customizations.
WordPress 4.5.3
Visual Composer by WP Bakery

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Pinterest Tips Visual Thinking

Pinterest Boards for Remote Collaboration

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Pinterest boards can fuel for your creative and spirit fires.

Pinterest boards are a massively useful tool for people who are visual thinkers, designers, artists, crafters – OR people who need to communicate visually with clients and collaborators. I’ve used it with far flung people who I simply vibe with to communicate our highest intentions and visions – almost as a global intention tune-up process for change makers.




Envisioning an Emergent Festival – The Next Edge Festival




In 2015 some friends and colleagues who had been getting together virtually wanted to gather in person to deepen our relationships. As we started to talk about what we all wanted to see happen it became clear that words were failing us, that what we we “seeing” we had trouble expressing.

So, we did what many visual and design thinkers did – we created a collaborative vision board on Pinterest. Our aim was an “emergent” experience. We wanted to co-create this gathering collaboratively and we wanted to map that process so we could return to reflect on it in the years to come. So as we started to share what we saw in our minds the event started to take shape in front of us. Seb Paquet, Inma Vp, Julie Bourbonnaise, Hélène Brown, Dorota Mar, Kevin Doyle Jones, David Hood and myself all added pins as the conversation continued over a six month period.

The whole process was an experiment and to be sure there were many windy digressions and false starts – and flat out fails. Of course, those things are to be expected when you are an edgling seeking ways of working together allowing space for the unseen and unspoken to come forth. If you are not making really impressive errors – you can’t really consider yourself living on any sort of edge…eh?


Barth Anderson – Novelist Creates Character Studies with Pinterest

A novelist friend, Barth Anderson uses Pinterest to craft intricate mood boards for characters in his amazing novels. When I look at Barth’s boards – I want to pack it all in and start writing novels. It’s a wonderful thing to have this window into his textual visioning and versioning.


Ivy Wreden – Multimedia Artist

A prolific multimedia artist Ivy Wreden uses Pinterest to not only market her quirky art but, to create a clip file for all her inspiration for her mosaics, batiks and collages. Her boards reflect her aesthetic so accurately. I love watching her spark start and become a creative bonfire.



Her equally creative daughter Keegan Wreden does the same for all her theater design and costuming work as she thinks through a play and a plan. Keegan is about to graduate college with a Theater Arts degree. I took a lot of theater set design courses in school – and have watched Keegan become a serious creative. I *cannot wait* to see what she does post-college. Consider hiring her. She’s an incredibly solid young woman.


For me, it’s both a place to gather beautiful things in a non-physical place so that I can enjoy and admire them without owning them and a place to think through design issues with people I collaborate with on projects by creating “mood boards” and clip files for the project. It’s also useful for gathering cheatsheets, infographics, and video howtos into one handy place.












Pinterest Tips Visually Thinking Together
10 WordPress Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

10 WordPress Short Video Tutorials for the Absolute Beginner

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Getting Started with your Brand New WordPress Site.

When I hand off a site to a new client I always suggest their first stop on the internet by wpbeginner to sign up for a membership and follow them on social media. For fantastic straightforward How To videos on WordPress wpbeginner is the perfect place to start. I suggest all my new clients get an account there first thing. I also recommend the WPLearning Lab channel on YouTube for more advanced users and Udemy for basic free courses on WordPress.  The three last videos are on extending your WordPress powers by learning to use Hootsuite a free web tool to help you easily manage your social media accounts from one screen, understanding images on the web and Google Analytics to understand your impact over time. Going through these playlists will take a little more time but, you’ll be ready to level up soon!

I also share the best how to and tutorial videos I find on my YouTube channel. So please subscribe!

Top 10 skills you will need – short video tutorials.

So did you just get handed the keys to your fancy new WordPress website? Are you a little freaked out? NO IDEA where to start? Afraid you will break something? Here are the top 10 skills you will need to get going. Going through the first seven videos will take you about 15 minutes. The last two video links are longer playlists covering more information but, you don’t need those right away.

Do you need something outside of this list? If you have a current Maintenance Plan just submit a ticket. If you do not have a maintenance plan in place consider one! Having a maintenance plan is almost as good as having your own WordPress wiz on staff.  If you are a current maintenance client you might also be interested in the FAQ on the Help page of this site.

What is the difference between pages and posts?

How to add a new post and use all the new features in WordPress 4.4+

How to use the distraction free editor to help focus on your writing in WordPress

How to edit images in WordPress.

What is the difference betweenand tags for images?

How to moderate comments in WordPress.

How to change your password in WordPress

Video Playlist: Understanding image formats on the web: jpg, png, gif

Video Playlist: Mastering Hootsuite to Use Social Media Efficiently

Video Playlist: Google Analytics Basics and Advanced Tutorials

WordPress background Photo by Nikolay Bachiyski

Cat Salute


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Having recently reviewed options for membership site plugins I landed firmly in the MemberPress camp.
It’s a terrific plugin. It’s easy to understand, well supported and very critically – well documented.

What does MemberPress do?

From their site:

MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that makes it easy to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software and e-books.

MemberPress will give you the ability to confidently create, manage and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products. In addition to these powerful abilities, MemberPress will allow you to grant and revoke access to posts, pages, categories, tags, feeds, communities and digital files based on what products your users have purchased or subscribed to.

Which payment processors does MemberPress work with?

  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • (AIM & ARB)
  • Stripe

There are other options out there of course. I would also recommend taking a look at Cart66 which I will review in the future.

Here’s a playlist I compiled for a client. If you have additions I should make post your suggestions in the comments below!


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