As co-members of a small core organizing team, Liz and I collaborated extensively on The Next Edge Festival, which was held in Montreal in 2015. Liz proved to be a passionate, dedicated, trustworthy, whole-hearted, talented contributor, despite the distance that separated our two cities during the planning phase. Her knowledge, experience and incredible commitment to designing our amazing website, driving communications and helping with most (if not all!) aspects of project management, were key elements in the Festival's resounding success.

Julie BourbonnaisAssociée | Psychologue organisationnelle chez Hors-Piste

Liz is a tenacious, extremely thorough and organized, empathetic, loyal, resourceful and inventive leader. Liz will help inspire people to new heights during the positive times, and rally people to victory during the difficult trials. Liz tends to stake her reputation on seeing things through, and she definitely lives up to that reputation.

Sam RosePresident, Holocene Systems

Liz joined the core organizing team for the Next Edge festival we organized in 2015. She provided invaluable help in handling the website and in planning the project at all steps of its evolution. This was a tricky project, with team members spread across 15 timezones, considerable uncertainty, and limited budget. Liz's steady hand, levelheadedness and ability to anticipate problems was very appreciated by the whole team.

Seb PaquetLead Applied Research Scientist, Element AI

She taught us all how to manage our Facebook group - the posts, the members wanting to join - and much more. Liz knows social media. She understands how to work collaboratively in ways to make each person feel included and important. She is SUPER quick in putting out fires and helping people in need of support. I would highly, highly recommend Liz as not only a team member, but as a team leader. She's got what it takes to make things happen.

Terry Matlen, ACSWQueens of Distraction

In 2015 when I was building an art installation for Burning Man and needed help funding the project, I barely knew what crowdfunding was. Through friends I got connected with Liz McLellan and she agreed to be the Fearless Leader of my Gofundme Campaign. She was easy and enjoyable to work with, walked me through the process step by step, and produced excellent results. With her guidance we were able to meet our funding goal in only 26 hours! She has also continued to give me a lot of useful advice with my other social media efforts for my business. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who needs a crowdfunding expert.

Barry CrawfordOwner and Artist at Crawford Metal Works

Liz did a fantastic job reinventing our website at Wallowa Llamas. She is easy to work with and has expert knowledge of technical issues.

Raz RasmussenOwner - Wallowa Llamas Treks Eastern Oregon

In 2014 Liz McLellan developed a web site for Pine Eagle Clinic. Liz is very professional yet, easy to work with which is great for those of us who know little about the development of a website. She showed a great balance of listening to our ideas and providing what we wanted while being able to suggest changes that might work better. Liz is detail oriented and produced a web site that is user friendly and appealing to the eye. I also very much appreciate her availability for on going support. I can confidently recommend Liz for any needs you might have in this area.

Jodel ThatcherOffice Administrator, Pine Eagle Clinic

Liz did an excellent job setting up a web site we will be using in the marketing of our ranch in Eastern Oregon. Her price was reasonable and the program will allow us to reach people not wishing to work with just another Realtor.

The best part is she gave me so many options to suit my outreach and budget. If I had tried to set this up myself I would still be on step one.

Tom Nash and Maureen McMahonHomeowners

A little bit about me…

Hello! Thanks for visiting. My name is Liz. I’m the person behind @lizmstrategy on Twitter.

I live in the high desert of Eastern Oregon where we have a few acres. I help businesses, nonprofits, creatives and innovators make the most of the web through:

  • crowdfunding campaign management
  • user interface and user experience work
  • Google Analytics and SEO set up and reporting
  • social media coaching
  • managed private workshops for long term project support
  • WordPress design and development

Hyperlocavore – A Yardsharing Community

Most people outside of Oregon know me as the woman that started Hyperlocavore – A Yardsharing Community (currently on ice) – one of the first sharing economy sites on the net – in 2009. The project is currently on ice.


The best part of my work these days is making good things happen for great people.  When I started hyperlocavore – I used kickstarter to raise some funds to test the yardsharing idea out – and became a crowdfunding wiz as a result.
Since then I’ve saved an organic peach orchard, fired up a music festival and sent a giant metal mechanical squid to burningman. My last campaign client met their goal in under 26 hours! I love what I do.

I’ve been working the web since 1993 when I was hired out of the S.F. State Multimedia program by Silicon Graphics. My focus over my career has been drawn to the potential of the internet as a means to organize ourselves to get good things done.

Local Economies

I’m a strong advocate of “localizing” our economics as much as possible, and so I deeply believe in strengthening the web of local businesses, local food systems, local manufacturing and craft, creativity and innovation – while at the same time ensuring that we as global citizens are making the most of the innovations in technology – to serve just and humane ends.

United Community Partners

From 2013-2016 I was President of the board at United Community Partners – a community development organization in Eastern Oregon where I live. To be honest – a lot of focus has been on UCP as we worked to make UCP a more transparent, responsive, accountable community resource and I worked to put down some roots in Oregon. I stepped down in January 2016 from the President role to return focus to my  business, though I remain a technical resource for UCP.  Here are just a few of the good things we got done together locally:

The Mainstreet Stage
X-Country Ski Club
Grandstands Rebuild
Women of Halfway Outdoor Calendar

Flocks and Swarms – Us Networked

My blog, Flocks and Swarms is focused on the net as a positive force for communities, small businesses, culture creators and innovators…flocks because we can work together for real good, in sync, and aligned positively – like starlings. And swarms because humans also use the net to cause harm to others. I talk about how this works and what we can do to tip the balance towards the starlings.

I’ve lived through three major disasters – the Loma Prieta earthquake in California where I grew up and went to college, the bombing of the World Trade Center on 9/11 – the building was across the street directly out my office window – and the NYC blackout a few years after that.  Each shocking time, I saw human beings at their absolute best – running into danger, organizing seamlessly and selflessly – assisting in any way we could to comfort, feed, heal and hold the people around us… flocking to the aid of our fellow humans – naturally like starlings.

We can swoop in to help or build or make good things happen – we can align without effort simply by bringing what is important to us to the net, to the world.

The Next Edge Festival, Montreal

In 2015, I collaborated with Seb Paquet, Julie Bourbonnais, Dorota Mar and Chloe Waretini to bring to life the first Next Edge Festival in Montreal.

After years of belonging to and sometimes co-moderating The Next Edge group on Facebook with David Hodson and Seb Paquet – we all felt it was time to gather together in physical space – as many of the participants as we could.  I had worked with Seb on his early Project Kitchens (an invaluable experience!) and was eager to work with him again. In that that collaboration I was very lucky to be able to work with Julie, Dorota and Chloe as well.  The site was taken down after the festival.

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Liz McLellan

Owner - Liz McLellan Strategy