Power of Small Initiatives The Next Edge Festival June 2015

The Next Edge Festival – Montreal June 2015

The opening of our festival started with some intimate ice-breakers and intentions. And the result of that work was this “found” poem which was captured by the amazing Lisa from Lupuna – who along with Juan Carlos helped us all to come with deep intentionality to our time together.

This is the clear bell that started the weekend for me. She gathered all of our collective words into a poem that solidified our intention and presence to each other. The original poem doesn’t seem to be online.

Thank you Juan Carlos and Lisa (featured in the image) for setting the tone.

I am still processing the Next Edge Festival weekend and my time in Montreal. Coming home to the horrid news of Charleston has left me hating words and needing to be quiet.

Random Acts of Kindness  - The Next Edge Festival June 2015


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