It is easier than ever to throw up a website with WordPress and start seeing results right away. But, once your business or project takes off it can be hard to keep your focus on the technical side of things.  My clients appreciate the range of maintenance options I offer.

Building a business or making a project happen can pull people away from the day to day maintenance and upkeep of their sites and as a result many sites are not maintained for huge chunks of time. Content goes stale, links break, vulnerable plugins are not updated, security patches are ignored.

Clients often don’t factor in what it takes to drive traffic to the site, keep a good site ranking, maintain interest in your business or project on social media or engage their audience consistently over-time. A web presence is not a passive form of advertising like a billboard on a highway or a brochure.

A well built website can eliminate frustrating processes for your staff and customers, streamline your order process or even automate tedious back office business tasks. All sites – even the most basic need to be maintained on a weekly basis.

Companies release code patches and security updates all the time. Most clients I find, do not want to deal with these things and so I have packaged up this work into bundles that work for most of my current clients.

My maintenance plans are designed to make sure that the basics are attended to so that your visitors, customers and clients always see a secure, user-friendly, welcoming website and so you can concentrate on your core business or project goals. Your site is a brilliant expression of you and your business. It is an investment of your time and treasure.

Maintenance packages include all of the basics you would expect to find:

    • Offsite Backups 2x a day *full and database
    • Update Rollbacks
    • Malware Scanning
    • WordPress Core Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Broken Link Checks
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Email update notification
    • Newsletter – Strategy, Tips and Discounts to help you plan and budget

Update Buckets

Content changes on the site are not at all difficult to make that said – most clients opt for a block of hours to cover the changes they simply don’t have time to handle. Other clients like to roll up their sleeves and get into the guts of their site – and enjoy the security of a safety net that a maintenance plan offers. Some are fine with a minimum plan with no bucket hours – happy to pay an hourly rate for as needed changes they do not want to take care of themselves.

For the busier clients who would rather hand off this work to me I have 4 maintenance plans with a range of bucket hours available.  A list of sample bucket tasks is below.

Bucket Hour Packages

0 Bucket Hours – Minimum Maintenance Plan – Very simple site
12 Bucket Hours – Basic Maintenance Plan – Personal or Blogger Site
24 Bucket Hours – Extended Maintenance Plan – Small Business or Nonprofit
36 Bucket Hours – E-Commerce Maintenance Plan – Site with Shop
48 Bucket Hours – Premium Maintenance Plan – Heavy traffic site

Larger buckets are available for clients interested in reserving more development/design hours.

Maintenance plans are for current clients only at this time. I offer a number of site review services which are affordable.

If you would like a to talk about how I can help you meet your goals or the goals of your web investment the first step is to take some time to complete my project planner. Time to complete the planner is between 15-25 minutes depending on how much thought you have given your web site strategy.

If you are a current client and you’d like to subscribe to a WordPress Maintenance Package – Let’s Talk!

Maintenance Expenses

All sites have ongoing expenses. At the very least you will pay for your hosting and your domain. Additional expenses will depend on your individual site. All clients are different and have different needs based on the complexity of their business or project.

All sites are charged for:
Yearly Domain Control
Yearly Hosting Costs

Some sites are also charged for:
Yearly or bi-yearly subscriptions for:
Premium Plugins
Premium Theme Support

You will be advised of these costs when we set up your maintenance plan. If you have any questions about your current site please get in touch.


  • Edit image
  • Add image
  • Delete image
  • Create image
  • Add Link
  • Remove Link
  • Add content to existing page
  • Change content of existing page
  • Delete page
  • Add new social media profile links to site
  • Create new social media profiles on new services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Add new page
  • Set up new categories or tags
  • Copy edit blog post sent in by employee
  • Post blogs to site
  • Set up automatic posting to a facebook page or twitter account
  • Edit Facebook post
  • Add items to facebook page
  • Add image to blog post
  • Search for creative commons imagery
  • Edit lists on pages
  • Edit widget content on site
  • Add new top level menu item
  • Re-arrange menus
  • Delete menu item
  • Add new widget feature to sidebar
  • Research new plugin to replace discontinued plugin functionality
  • Redirect pages for old content no-longer available
  • Research plug-ins and tools for new feature requests
  • Tweak page styles – CSS
  • Change configuration of an installed plugin for new or improved functionality
  • Deploy new feature of current theme
  • Code tweaks
  • Moving to a new host
  • Add form to site for – surveys, contacts or other info gathering
  • Setting up additional domains, redirects or subdomains
  • Add advertisement- links or banners – to site
  • Add affiliate links to site for additional revenue

This list is not comprehensive as every client has distinct needs and skills. Some are very proficient with web maintenance and development and some are too busy to stay involved with their site. A good rule of thumb is this – generally if the task is something I can complete in a half-hour it is approprate for your “bucket hours.”

If you have any questions about your site, your current maintenance status or any maintenance plan above please get in touch.

What is your site worth?

It is an unfortunate fact, sites get hacked and ruined sometimes. Very low cost hosting packages and shared environments can mean extra risks. Hackers are getting more intrusive all the time. On your side, staff leaves, files get lost or corrupted when a hard disk crashes, companies you’ve been working with – go under. So what is the value of a healthy, up-to-date site backed up multiple times a day – separate from both your laptop and your hosting company?


  • the damage done to your brand or community
  • the personal anxiety and stress of getting your site up and running again
  • the process of finding a new web professional
  • the time to gather and format all the images and other assets lost
  • the time to write new copy and proof new content
  • the back and forth with tech support at your host
  • the cost of business you will lose while your site is down

The list is long so I won’t go on. But, the value of having a maintenance plan in place for when things go wrong is immeasurable really – and goes beyond the time and cost that went into creating your site and your brand. Planning for the bad times is as important and enjoying the good times.