How To Embed Training for Google Apps

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Training for Google Apps Chrome Extention

Onboarding Google Apps for Work Clients

Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Nonprofits rollouts can be very time consuming and overwhelming for a first time Google Apps Admin. How do you ensure that a whole team or business doesn’t grind to a halt as a large new tool kit is introduced to a group or business?

Google has provided a huge basket of support for Google Apps administrators but the item that I was most happy to find was a Chrome extension called Training for Google Apps by Synergyse (recently acquired by Google.) Training for Google Apps Chrome extension embeds how to documentation and videos directly in the Google Apps interface. If you are in Gmail – you have Gmail training at your fingertips. In Calendar you have Google Calendar Training at your fingertips and so on for each Google App you deploy. This extension has saved my bacon more than once. Training for Google Apps empowers you entire user base to self train and self serve the how tos as they require them inside the applications.

The installation for admins is not too horrible and the trimming down of your support calls is sweet relief to any service provider or Google Apps administrator.

To install Training for Google Apps on your domain – login to your admin panel for the domain and visit the Google Apps Marketplace and follow the instructions.

To ensure that your team has Chrome installed and the Tutorials for Google Apps installed watch this playlist.


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