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Timebank – Start sharing and receiving skilled help for your projects.

TimeRepublik timebank connects skilled people offering talents across a large range of disciplines make the platform my first stop when I am in a pinch.  The community is friendly, global and enthusiastic about making it work for everyone. You do not need to be a techie. Jump right in and see what it’s about!

What is a timebank?

TimeRepublik is a global timebank which allows members to “bank” time when helping other people in the system with their projects. Members offer their skills all at the same time rate – hour for hour.  You can also add a widget to your WordPress site which allows TimeRepublik members to “gift” you time as thanks for the value you provide to them – even if you don’t actually work directly with them on their project.

On the right sidebar is my live TimeRepublik widget.

Picture of TimeRepublik Widget. Live widget is on the blog sidebar.

TimeRepublik widget

How does timebanking work?

So, let’s say I am good at crowdfunding coaching and I offer 1 hour coaching to everyone on the TimeRepublik. And let’s say Jenny is a massage therapist who gives an epic rub down. Jenny wants to crowdfund for a new workspace for the year in a collaborative wellness center in Lisbon, Portugal. She needs to raise $1,000 USD to be able to enter the arrangement.

I answer Jenny’s request and let her know I’d be happy to help. We have our Skype session and she credits me an hour for my help. I’d like a back rub – but plane fares make this unworkable because I live in Oregon – so I search for a logo designer instead. Confused?

Banking Hours

As much as I would like a back rub, what I really need now is a little help with a client project, a fresh logo! So, I use the time I earned helping Jenny with the crowdfunding project to find and request help from a logo designer with a great portfolio on TimeRepublik. I find Ella who is a Inkscape master with a stunning logo focused portfolio.

I contact Ella. She creates a logo that works perfectly…I credit Ella an hour (or however long she requests). Ella uses her banked time for a violin lesson from Rami down the block from her in London…and so the goodness goes round and round the globe.

Because we are trading hours but, not directly  – those hours can go into an escrow or kitty or “bank” account. I can use my positive balance of hours for whatever I need – assuming I can find a person with those skills on TimeRepublik. You can search locally as well if you prefer to work with people closer to home.

It is a fantastic community. You won’t regret signing up – I promise. All normal security precautions apply though. Check people out before working together or giving any personal details. Work with people who have full profiles that link out to multiple social profiles and spaces on the web. Give recommendations for great interactions so the best folks get the recognition they deserve.

It is incredibly fun to look around and imagine how many cool things you will be able to accomplish, learn or create!

What could you do if you just had a little help?

Remember you don’t need to be a techie or a design wizard – all kinds of skills are represented on the platform. Do you make a mean mac and cheese? Maybe there’s someone in need of a home-cooked meal on TimeRepublik. Maybe you are a great cook who needs a website to promote your fledgling catering business…or some help designing packaging for your brand new hot sauce. Who knows? All I can say is be bold – offer your GIFTS.

Do I need a website to use TimeRepublik?

No, but it’s good to have your social media profiles set up and looking good. I also recommend using About.Me as a hub for your online profiles. Here’s my page. The thing I like most about it is you can feature a large picture of yourself and links easily to all the social media spaces. We all respond to faces and I think About.Me does a great job of humanizing the web.

How to set up the TimeRepublik widget on your Self Hosted WordPress site

You will need:
A self-hosted WordPress site.
An account with a complete profile at TimeRepublik

    1. Login to TimeRepublik
    2. Click on the down arrow next to your profile picture and go to My Profile in the dropdown menu.
    3. After you fill your profile out with the skills you are willing to share.
    4. Use the dropdown menu to select Build Your Widget.
    5. Set your preferences for the widget and copy the widget code.
    6. Paste the widget code from TimeRepublik into a post, page or sidebar widget on your site.
    7. Save and reload your site.
    8. Invite Friends, Colleagues and co-conspirators to do the same.

Share this link with your friends, family and colleagues.

Help is just a click away! Check out my profile and request a hand. If I can fit it in I am happy to help you get started with global timebanking.  #sharingiscaring

If this post was valuable to you – consider gifting some time!

Add TimeRepublik Global Timebank Widget to WordPress

Have any questions or thoughts? Leave them in the comments section below and I will answer in another post.


TimeRepublik Global timebank settings menu illustration. How to add TimeRepublik widget to your WordPress Site.

TimeRepublik easy to use interface for sharing time and skills online.

TimeRepublik easy to use interface for creating your profile to share your skills and time in a global timebank.

TimeRepublik easy to use interface for creating your profile to share skills and time in a global timebank.

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