Meet Locally More Often - The Next Edge Festival 2015

Crowdfunding Request – The Next Edge Festival

I’m not good at asking for myself. For everyone else – a breeze! If there is such a thing as Karma, then surely I am here to learn how to ask for help. It is the hardest thing.

I’ve been working since November 2014 on something I, very much, want to happen called The Next Edge Festival.
Since 2009 I’ve been very isolated in this tiny town. I’ve been living through the things I care about, and the people I connect to based only on the things I care about, lots of that happens around people in The Next Edge facebook group. That community that had formed organically around things “that matter” are getting together in Montreal this June.  I’ve been doing what I can to make it happen from where I am, which is very far away. But, it’s happening! It’s really happening!

It’s happening at the same time as a send off for a man who was my brother. My brother with all that implies, all the trouble and the buried bodies, the laughing mostly though.
(Metaphorical bodies to be clear…)  I’d like to do both. And that means a swing down NY way, via Coney Island in June after our gathering in Montreal.

If I can’t that’s OK. Montreal should always be enough, it’s enough just to meet the crew that is doing the doing that needs getting done to make The Next Edge Fest happen but, it would be nice to send Johnny off good and proper, too.

Update: The crowdfund was a success!

With the deepest gratitude, I’d like to thank these folks –
Jordan Greenhall
Sam Rose
Jon Husband
Vicki Robin
Conor Turland
Christine Egger
Cheryl Spensieri
Cynthia LaGrou
Kevin Jones
Seb Paquet
Wael Alsaad
Glistening Deepwater
Nancy White
SaraDay Evans
Julie Bourbonnais
Daniel Fiege
Flemming Funch
Mirona Constantinescu
David Hodgson
Chloe Waretini
Katie Teague

Photo by christopher.woo

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