Cheesy Cheddar Disclosure 

So, here’s the thing. The Federal Trade Commission requires that I tell you that links, images and other advertisements in this post and on my site may be affiliate links which provide me with a small commission when you use them to purchase things you need or want.

I will let you know when I make that latte money but, for now – it’s not even enough for the sugar in my lattes…

This is the really important part…

ALL reviews and recommendations of products or services are my freely given opinions. I recommend things I love but, I talk about why I like something or don’t. I also talk about things I don’t like at all. My opinions and recommendations are my own.

And I’m not so cheap and easy to begin with…if I could be bought…it would be for a LOT more money…just sayin.

One of the ways writers and creatives on the net are able to continue to create useful valuable content for our visitors is by participating in affiliate relationships with online vendors and other content creators and producers.

I participate in the Amazon Affiliates program, for instance, which may benefit me now and in the future by compensating me for using affiliate links to products on  I’ve looked at other book affliate programs but haven’t found anything that worked well and kept me focused on my work.

When I write about another author or creative – I post links to their stuff on Amazon and may derive a small percentage of those sales (4% ) for sending you their way. This way good content creators get rewarded for creating good stuff and I can keep writing.

I sometimes post affliate links to products and services I love as well. For instance Siteground is a hosting service I love and believe in – and recommend to my clients happily. I’ve used many hosting companies and my experience with Siteground has been a VERY happy one.

So, there it is. Let me know if you have any concerns or questions!

The Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers and website owners to disclose sponsor and affiliate links and relationships to protect consumers.