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Scale This Mindfully - The Next Edge Festival June 2015

Next Edge Festival Memes

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I could live in Montreal. It’s a city of nestled visual delights and tasty intimate nooks. When I was there in June 2015 for The Next Edge Festival I took a ton of pictures. Going over them now a year later I’m reminded how charmed I was by the place, how much fun I had wandering.

One of the things we did at the close of the festival was attempt to glean all the fruits left, to remember what we wanted and needed to remember from our time together. These images are mine but, the texts came out of a collaborative process. Posting here to remind us all, to remember what we wanted to remember.

Right Livelihood and the Great Wilting

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Are you paddling in the right direction?

I’ve long talked about a rule I have tried to live by for making choices about work. I have not always lived up to this goal but, it is what I ask myself before taking something on,  “Am I going to spend eight hours paddling in the wrong direction, and spend the time I have after work trying to undo the harm I did during the day. Or am I paddling in the right direction all day?” How do we manage to live, experience coherence in our lives – and find “right livelihood,” AND make a living – in an age where so many systems conspire against it?

When people depend on you, the tangles become tighter. Detachment? Not possible…for me anyway. Purity? Problematic too.

@Anandwrites gets at this in this great talk he gave at the Aspen Institute in 2015.

Anand Giridharadas is an author and New York Times columnist. He writes the “Admit One” column for The Times’s arts pages, and the “Letter from America” for its global edition. He is the author, most recently, of “The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas,” about a Muslim immigrant’s campaign to spare from Texas’s Death Row the white supremacist who tried to kill him. In 2011 he published “India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking,” about returning to the India his parents left.

Check out books by Anand Giridharadas

Power of Small Initiatives The Next Edge Festival June 2015

Next Edge Festival – Signals

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The Next Edge Festival – Montreal June 2015

The opening of our festival started with some intimate ice-breakers and intentions. And the result of that work was this “found” poem which was captured by the amazing Lisa from Lupuna – who along with Juan Carlos helped us all to come with deep intentionality to our time together.

This is the clear bell that started the weekend for me. She gathered all of our collective words into a poem that solidified our intention and presence to each other. The original poem doesn’t seem to be online.

Thank you Juan Carlos and Lisa (featured in the image) for setting the tone.

I am still processing the Next Edge Festival weekend and my time in Montreal. Coming home to the horrid news of Charleston has left me hating words and needing to be quiet.

Random Acts of Kindness  - The Next Edge Festival June 2015


TimeRepubik timebank global membership for time and skill sharing


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TimeRepublik – A Global Timebank

I’ve thought a lot about timebanking and timebanks. I tried to start one a few times in my tiny town. I still hope it happens. But, it seems there is an informal one that has gone on for a hundred years without tech. No records are kept, memory suffices. That’s why no one really thought we needed a system out here. There is a system in place embedded in the life of this tiny town.

Still the idea of a timebank fascinates me.  I found a global timebank recently called Time Replublik. I started to test it out today. Almost instantly I found two talented gentlemen willing to take a few things off my overfull plate. A composer responded first,  Flavio M. living in Rome, who is willing to trade some of my hours for some music I need for a project. His style is splendid and just what I am looking for and he’s incredibly gracious in email. And Marius Gheghici of Sligo, Ireland who will help me with a technical bottleneck holding up one of my volunteer projects, also gracious and warm and most helpful. Doers who give…my kind of people!

Having this experience so immediately makes me want to give back as soon as I am able in a way that makes a person’s day the way Flavio and Marius just made mine.

Timebanks Serve Everyone with Skills To Share – Not Just Techies.

What do you have to give? What do you need? There are so many kinds of gifts and so many ways you can make someone’s day measurably better. You don’t need to be a technical whiz or a composing genius! Just someone with a gift. That gift may simply be time. Take a look at all the ways people are giving of themselves and of their time on Time Republik. And of course, TimeRepublik works just as well as a local timebank given their geo-local features and mapping. If you are local to Eastern Oregon please be sure to find me there and connect!

I’m struck lately by how fast the world is spinning. People who are a bit older feel it more intensely.
I moved from a place with no seasons to a place with four which also added to the sense of the hours flying by.
Without kids I don’t have that other strange measure of watching a baby become a man or woman seemingly overnight, but every parent I know says that’s how it is. Time is precious and fleeting. When someone gives you theirs it’s truly a gift and one not to be taken lightly.

I take nothing for granted. I hope you don’t either…time is whizzing by!

With gratitude,

Disclosure: I get extra time in my bank when you use those links and sign up. But, be sure I will give back – and put any hours I gain to very good use.

How to add the TimeRepublik widget to your self-hosted WordPress Blog.

Do you need a website to use TimeRepublik? No, but it helps. Here’s a way to get up and running fast.