To clear your thinking about your project is to clear the path towards your goals…

  • more foot traffic to your shop
  • more web traffic for your small business site
  • more sales of your creations or services
  • more pledges for your crowdfund
  • more engagement in your social media communities
  • less friction in your office processes
  • less time on busy-ness
  • more time to focus on your customers and clients

Whether you are just starting out using the web for your business or you’ve been doing this a long time, I always start the discovery phase of any project with the questions in my project planner. The planner can can take 10 minutes or an hour – depending on the thoughtful consideration of your responses.

A lack of a map can lead to getting lost in The Deep Darkwoods of Really Expensive Projects.

This brief planner will help you think through:

  • intentions
  • priorities
  • time-frame
  • resources
  • our alignment

Let me know if the project planner helped you clear your thinking – or- if I can improve the questions in a way that would be helpful.


(Please note the link takes you to my survey. Typeform is a brilliant free tool for conducting surveys!)