Crowdfunding Art - Giant Metal Squid Mechateuthis by Barry Crawford - Photo by Kim Oltheim

Crowdfunding Art Projects

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When I was a teenager there were two things I loved art and computers. I ended up going to study art at- California College of Arts and Crafts – now called California College of the Arts. It’s a shame that they dropped the word “crafts” considering the resurgence of American craft and DIY culture and the maker movement we’ve seen propelled by sites like Etsy, Custommade and Maker Faire. I’ve always loved to be around artists, builders and makers who create constantly.

Recently I had the opportunity to help a truly talented maker named Barry Crawford of Crawford Metal Works get his massive work – Mechateuthis to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for the Burningman Festival. It was such a pleasure to help as Barry is from the small town I live in now in Eastern Oregon. His father bronze sculptor David Crawford and his wife and fellow creative dynamo Tori were able to see Barry’s epic metal squid AT burningman in 2015. You can keep up with Mechateuthis on her facebook page . Yes…the giant squid is a she! #girlpower

Working furiously we funded the project in under 26 hours – a record! It was such a thrill to be part of getting Barry’s work out into the world so he can continue to create from Elko, Nevada with his partner Kim Otheim.

Adding a cherry on top Popular Mechanics recently celebrated Barry’s work in a piece called Consider the Giant Robot Squid.

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Kert Lorence - In His Woodship

Making Things That Last

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I started out as a young person wanting to be a photographer. I met my best friend working at our summer job at Marine World, on the SF Bay peninsula because we both brought our cameras to work one day. Pat Mazzera and I have been besties ever since. She went on to become a pro and I wandered through many many fields. I still shoot sometimes with my low end camera but, not seriously, so it’s feels good to see some photos I took a while back make their way into the world.

At another phase in my wandering years, I wanted to be a woodworker or a set designer or something involving building things with my oddly wee hands. I admire people who can make beautiful things out of metal and wood. Kert Lorence, whose shop is just round the bend from here is one such crafty fellow. He was kind enough to let me take some pictures while we had a few beers in his enviable shop a few years ago. He’s ended up using them on his website. So have a look!

If you need a beautiful thing made out of wood – give him a call.