I am always interested in projects aligned with my professional
and personal interest in sustainability, as well as network-centric
advocacy and viral marketing.

I work in these areas: user interface design, graphics, art direction, photo editing, usability analysis, color, accessibility, navigation, prototyping, project management, community building, technical teamwork, information architecture, traffic analysis, functional design, re-design, video editing, social networking, WordPress, Google Apps deployment and integration with WordPress, WordPress theme customization, on-line culture and web marketing strategy, HTML and CSS.

I built one of the first sharing economy websites called hyperlocavore.com, a yard sharing community built to support the building of resilience at the neighborhood level. We helped neighbors, community organizations, faith groups, friends and family form yard share growing arrangements, neighborhood produce exchanges, suburban yard sharing CSA farms, chef/grower communities and tool shares. The site closed down in 2014.

I work with United Community Partners as a board member and technical lead. UCP is an economic development nonprofit in the small rural town in Oregon where I live.